DGA Supports Another Successful International Education Week

International Education Week is a joint initiative between The U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education that hopes to prepare Americans for a global environment by attracting leaders from abroad to study, teach and engage in the community. Kennesaw State University’s (KSU) Division of Global Affairs (DGA) celebrated International Education Week this past week by hosting four events that celebrated the benefits of international education worldwide. DGA’s Education Abroad department also contributed to International Education Week by setting up general advising tables throughout campus offering information and answering questions about study abroad opportunities at KSU.

 On November 14, DGA’s Confucius Institute hosted a Chinese Calligraphy lecture discussing the history, significance and future of the mesmerizing ancient Chinese tradition. Later that day, as part of the annual Year of India program, DGA welcomed from University of Virginia Associate Professor, Geeta Patel. Patel’s lecture, Jugaad Methodologies: Deep Al/Neural Networks, Demonetization, the Flash Queue and Development, examined the scientific and technological developments of India today.

 On Wednesday, DGA hosted a “Doing Business in India” roundtable with Terri Bresenham, president and chief executive of Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, a division of GE Healthcare in Bengaluru, India. During the roundtable, students listened as Bresenham discussed her experience with business relations with India. After, students were allowed to ask their own questions on the subject.

 Later that evening, DGA welcomed a troop of guest performers at the Center of Puppetry Arts in Atlanta to the Onyx Theater on campus for their show, Kalyana Sougandhikam. The show portrayed Pavakathakali, or glove puppet play, which came into vogue and popularity in Kerala, India two centuries ago through the influence of the famous classical dance theater, Kathakali. The performance brought together the traditional dance-drama and puppetry into a captivating demonstration of cultural theater.  

The troop visits from Natana Kairali – Research and Performing Center for Traditional Arts – in Kerala, India founded by Mr. Gopala Nair Venu in 1976. The center combines research, training and performance in the field of traditional arts and contributes significantly to the rejuvenation of Kerala’s puppet theater.

 On Thursday, more than 110 KSU students and faculty gathered for a panel discussion with three Consuls General representing Ecuador, Japan and Nigeria. The panel provided insightful and informative presentations of each country’s contribution to international education followed by questions from students in the audience. After the panel discussion, a welcome reception was held for the Consuls General at which President Olens addressed the attendees. The success of this event was heightened by the interactions among the participants and the welcome remarks by President Olens, who in his remarks recognized the important role of international education and global learning, and the significant achievements KSU has made in this arena.