Students Lead Panel on Arabic Culture

September 25, 2014 

What is it like for someone who grew up in the Arabian Peninsula to come to the United States to study? Or how does an American react to the cultural differences they experience when studying in an Arab country?
A panel of Kennesaw State University students will be discussing these and other experiences at “The Arabian Peninsula from the Student Perspective” Thursday Sept. 25, 2014 at 12:30pm in the Social Sciences Building Room 1019.
Each of the four panelists either grew up in the Arabian Peninsula or visited the region to study. Their perspectives on the culture – including similarities and differences to our own – will provide attendees with valuable insights about the Arabian Peninsula.
The panelists include:

  • Caitlin Rygmyr, an American student who traveled to the United Arab Emirates as part of her studies with the Kennesaw State nursing program.

  • Hamood Alali, an international student from Saudi Arabia. He will be discussing common stereotypes he’s discovered that Americans often have Arabs.

  • Buthayna Baltaji, who grew up in the Arabian Peninsula with a mother who was raised in California. She previously attended the international campus of New York University in the UAE.

  • Caitlin Syfrett, an American student who visited rural Oman to work on an archeological excavation project

The different experiences of these students will help attendees learn something new about the Arabian Peninsula, and may even cause them to challenge their own preconceptions.
“The Arabian Peninsula from the Student Perspective” is part of the Year of Arabian Peninsula at Kennesaw State. Be sure to attend all the other informative events that are part of the year-long Year of Arabian Peninsula celebration.

-Patrick Harbin