Art Exhibit Celebrates Cuban Culture, Identity and Spirit

KENNESAW, Ga. (September 26, 2019) —Last week at the Athenaeum Gallery, an exhibit featuring works from various Cuban artists were on display at Kennesaw State University.

Cuba AmorThis KSU sponsored program represents another wonderful opportunity for students and the greater public to discover Cuba without even boarding an airplane. “The Island of My Love: The Faces and Stories of Cuba,” is the latest installment in the Year of Cuba (YoC) events that puts people face to face with the heart of the Cuban people. With art covering every inch of the walls, everyone who visits is bound to walk away with a new perspective on the Caribbean nation.

This exhibit features 80 works by 35 different Cuban artists. Visitors of the exhibit, located in Sturgis Library, will discover modern Cuban art that displays the diverse emotions and lifestyle of Cubans today. Although Cuba is a nation very near to the U.S., many Americans still have little knowledge about the people living there. The Department of Museums, Archives and Rare Books, College of the Arts, and the Division of Global Affairs have all banded together to offer this program that helps break down the walls between the two countries.

“What has characterized the US and Cuba’s relationship has been isolation and separation, so I really see this exhibit as a statement on that condition, showing the potential for how the world can be brought together with understanding when we interact on a people to people level,” Director of Campus Internalization, Daniel Paracka, said.

Cuba Amor 2What further distinguishes this exhibit from an everyday museum is that it’s incredibly interactive. There are interactive installations, games, and an opportunity for visitors to create their own pieces of artwork that will actually be taken to Cuba. Participants are encouraged to draw something from their culture in Atlanta and the metropolitan area to share their experience with the Cuban people.

— Nicole Diaz (KSU Student, 4th year)