Kennesaw State Receives First-Ever Confucius China Studies Program Scholar

April 23, 2015

Xiangming ChenDr. Xiangming Chen, Professor of Education at Peking University in China, and the director of Peking’s Center for Qualitative Research in Education, recently became the first visiting professor under the Confucius Institute’s China Studies Program.

During her stay, which lasts from April 12 to May 7, 2015, Dr. Chen will host a series of lectures on Chinese education and qualitative research, and will co-teach a doctoral class with Dr. Robert A. DeVillar.

Dr. Chen began her visit to Kennesaw State with a reception held in the LeoDelle & Lex Jolley Lodge on April 13. The reception was hosted by the Confucius Institute and featured guests and faculty members from around campus. Speakers included Dr. Ken Harmon, Vice-President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Lance Askildson, Vice-Provost and Chief International Officer; Ken Jin, Director of the Confucius Institute; Dr. Arlinda Eaton, Dean of Bagwell College of Education; and Dr. Binbin Jiang, Education Professor with Bagwell College of Education.

Dr. Chen’s varied career includes time as a factory worker and a primary and secondary school teacher. She has been a visiting professor at several institutions around the world, including Oxford University in 1999, Nagoya University of Japan in 2010, and Nanyang Technological Institute of Singapore in 2012.

Her research focuses on education methodology, having led more than ten national and international research projects on education. She conducts research on participatory teacher training for the new basic education curriculum reform in China, as well as leads a research project on teachers’ practical knowledge. Dr. Chen has published 15 books and more than 180 scholarly articles on education and research methodology.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Hunan University in China, before receiving a Master’s Degree from Beijing Normal University in 1987 and two Master’s Degrees from Harvard in 1989 and 1994. In 2009, Dr. Chen received the 1st Class Prize for Teaching by the Beijing Municipal Government.

Lectures Dr. Chen will participate in at Kennesaw State University include:

Knowledge Transformation and Identity Formation: Impact of Pre-Service Student-Teacher Interactions with their Mentors (April 14, 2015)

Research on Teacher Practical Knowledge: Contents, Types, Representation, Generation, Mediation, and Cases (April 23, 2015)

Challenges and Strategies of Teaching Qualitative Research in China (April 28, 10:30am – 11:15pm, Kennesaw Hall 1106)

-Patrick Harbin

Photos from Dr. Xiangming Chen’s Reception in the Jolley Lodge