Michele Miller Scholarship

The Michele Miller International Student Scholarship (MMISS) will help KSU's international students in financial need. International students are a viable addition to our campus and help to globalize the culture of our university.

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A Note From the Campaign Owner: Michele Miller Michele Miller

I started working at KSU in July 1999 in what was then called the International Center and is now known as the Division of Global Affairs.

Sometimes people ask me,"How can you stay in the same department so long?"

The answer is simple. I always considered myself to have the best job on campus; meeting students and scholars from around the world; learning about their cultures and languages and being there for them in their times of need. I also got to travel to places like Korea, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, Belize, Cuba, Mexico and Canada and visited some of the places from which our students visit.

They nicknamed me Mama Michele. And I truly loved them and understood how difficult it can be when you are so far away from your home, loved ones, and your comfort zone. For that reason, I always wanted to make my office a place where they felt comfortable.

I have a twofold reason for creating this scholarship.

The first reason is I see a need to assist our international student population. So often they search for jobs and many of them are only for federal work study student positions for which they cannot apply. They cannot work off campus and they may have no family in the US to assist them in their times of need. I wanted to give back to the population that I have been so fortunate to have worked with here at KSU.

For 7 years I taught in the First Year Program at KSU. Three of those years I taught the “Be The Change" class. As Gandhi quotes; "We have to be the change that we want to see in the world." I taught my students that if we want to make a difference in the world, we have to be the change. I saw a need and I wanted to do something about it by creating this scholarship and I wanted it to be one that can stay with KSU long after I am gone.

The second reason is to let the staff at KSU know that they too can make a change in their lives and in the lives of others at KSU.

When I came to KSU I had not completed my degree. I went back to school at KSU and graduated with my BA in Human Services then continued on to complete my TESOL Certification. After that, I earned a master in Educational Leadership. I did all of this while working fulltime.

I want to be an example for staff to know that we are an important part of this great university. There are many opportunities for us and we can also give back. An African proverb states that it takes a village to raise a child and here at KSU it takes a village to build the future for our students. This includes all the workers at KSU-- the people that make our landscape and buildings so beautiful, the people that cook those delicious meals, the professors that teach our classes, the staff in the offices who keep everything going smoothly. Here at KSU we all can be the change.

- Michele Miller, J1 Visa Coordinator, Division of Global Affairs

Student Testimonial to "Mama Michele"