Using the Insurance

For questions prior to departure, including identifying providers, obtaining information on setting up appointments in-country for preexisting conditions or continued care abroad, legalities or availability of certain medications or equivalencies in-country, etc., please contact CISI directly via:

  • Logging in to your CISI account at
  • Using the CISI Traveler App
  • General Questions
    • Inside the U.S., call 800-303-8120, x5130
    • Outside the U.S., call +1-203-399-5130
  • Emergency Assistance
    • Inside the U.S., call 1-855-327-1411
    • Outside the U.S., call +1-312-935-1703
    • Email

You will need to provide your ID number as well as verify personal identifying information such as date of birth.

While travelers can pursue treatment at any local medical facility or with any licensed medical provider, note that CISI has preferred providers. These are providers or facilities with which CISI has worked with in the past and for which they may be able to set up direct pay or a guarantee of payment so that you will not have to pay out of pocket. You will need to contact and start a case with CISI in advance of care in order for them to provide a guarantee of payment.

Note that international insurance does not work like insurance here in the United States. If you simply walk in to a clinic and show your insurance card at the time of service, most providers will not know what to do with the card and may say they cannot accept it. This is why it is beneficial to contact CISI in advance if you know you will be seeking treatment. They can work on the back end to identify a provider, set up an appointment and pay the provider directly on your behalf.

If you opt to seek treatment prior to contacting CISI or if you wish to use a different provider and pay out of pocket, please keep all receipts and documentation so that you may seek reimbursement.

For emergency medical assistance while abroad, please first contact the local 911 emergency services and then contact +1-312-935-1703 or call the KSU 24/7 International Emergency Phone at +1-470-578-6666.