Medical Emergencies

In the event of serious illness, injury, accident or other medical emergency:

1. Contact the local equivalent of 911 or go directly to the nearest clinic or hospital

2. Contact the supplemental international insurance provider, CISI, at +1 (312) 935-1703

a. Be prepared to provide your name, policy number, the address and phone number of the medical facility along with the treating physician’s name (if known)

b. CISI will evaluate your case to determine if adequate care is available

c. CISI may be able to arrange direct payment to the facility. However, if they are unable to arrange to pay the provider or medical facility directly, travelers will be reimbursed for treatment costs.

3. Students studying abroad should notify their program or faculty director at the earliest opportunity.

4. Faculty, staff or students traveling independently should contact the KSU 24/7 International Emergency Phone at +1.470.578.6666. Identify yourself as a student, faculty or staff member experiencing an emergency abroad to be routed appropriately.