Replace a Passport Abroad

If you need to replace lost or stolen documents, American citizens should visit the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to apply for a replacement passport in person. 

  • Research online to determine if you need to schedule an appointment or to check for dedicated hours.
  • If your passport was stolen, you may wish to file a police report if you have sufficient time prior to departure.
  • Be prepared to complete and bring a DS-11 form, a passport photo, and replacement fee. Some but not all embassies offer the ability to obtain passport photos onsite for a small fee, however bringing the passport photo with you ahead of time can help speed up the process of obtaining a replacement passport.
  • Additional items to bring to your passport replacement appointment:
    • Travel itinerary (e.g. airplane ticket
    • Form of identification (e.g. driver’s license)
    • Evidence of US citizenship (e.g. photocopy of your missing passport)
    • Statement regarding your lost or stolen passport, if you’ve obtained one
  • Individuals of other nationalities should check with the nearest consulate or embassy of their citizenship to verify procedure for replacing a lost or stolen passport.