Preexisting Conditions

The CISI supplemental international insurance does cover treatment of most pre-existing conditions. Please read the CISI policy for a list of covered expenses, provisions and exclusions. 

Travelers who are actively managing a health condition necessitating access to routine or ongoing care, or specific medications or medical supplies in order to manage a pre-existing condition should research whether or not they will have access to the specialists or supplies sought while abroad. Contact CISI for questions regarding pre-arranging medical appointments or services, including availability of specialists in the destination, or for inquiries related to locating or transporting medical supplies.  It is encouraged that travelers managing pre-existing conditions carry or wear a form of medical identification with critical information in both English and the host country language during their travels.

Travelers should proactively assess their personal health management plan prior to embarking on travel. Treatment or access to medical infrastructure for supporting certain health concerns may be limited in some locations. Participants on a Kennesaw State University education abroad program are highly encouraged to disclose information related to ongoing health management on the Medical Clearance Form. The information disclosed allows for determination of reasonable accommodations.