On Call International

On Call International helps Kennesaw State University fulfill its duty of care to travelers by providing pre-departure travel briefings as well as in-country security alerts to registered travelers abroad.

On Call International provides travel security briefings to registered travelers 48 hours prior to departure based on the itinerary information provided.  Trip briefings include information related to safety and security advice, practical travel advice, local etiquette, weather conditions, cultural information and more.

On Call International also sends security alerts to travelers about incidents in the reported destination that may impact the traveler. These alerts can range from notices about demonstrations or strikes that enable travelers to assess their daily itinerary and make any logistical changes necessary to notifications and updates pertaining to major security incidents.

To receive the maximum benefit from On Call International, make sure that you have supplied an accurate itinerary. If you book a flight in Concur, this will be prepopulated to On Call International. However, faculty and staff traveling for business who purchase airfare or make arrangements outside of Concur will need to email their itinerary information to trips@oncallinternational.com. Please cc globalsafety@kennesaw.edu.

Similarly, all KSU travelers who embark on side-trips outside of their registered travel should notify On Call International of their additional travel by emailing their itinerary information to trips@oncallinternational.com. Please cc globalsafety@kennesaw.edu.

To expedite the process of registering your travel, please state in your email that you are a KSU traveler and provide the following information:

  • Flight itinerary
  • Train/bus itinerary (if applicable)
  • Accommodations