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Journal of Sustainability

At the age of communication, social networking, branding by reviews, and hashtag influences, the risk of the social movement, neighborhood-driven work stops, and construction delay due to unaddressed social concerns is increasing. If proper risk identification and mitigation is not in practice, soon we will see the “neighborhood delays” as a modern risk factor to stay. This Special Issue welcomes a) Neighborhood concerns: Crime footprint, social carrying capacity footprint, public goods footprint) General public concerns: Migration footprint, class society footprint, heritage footprint. c) Concerns on the current mechanisms: CSR actions and effectiveness, NGOs’ actions and effectiveness, SDG relevant projects.  

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Journal of Urban Planning and Development

The COVID‐19 pandemic has affected intensively on millions of people and communities. The world‐shaking communicable coronavirus disease has become a pandemic threat and a challenge to our health and, subsequently, to the built environment, which forced governments to enforce new and innovative commitments to public healthcare. The impacts of COVID‐19 on people's health and well‐being have been investigated and debated by hundreds of researchers worldwide. Governments and authorities have raised a few de‐urbanization solutions to control COVID‐19 risks, such as decentralizing services and supplies, isolating communities, and restrictions on social behaviors. However, these solutions are short‐term treatments, not long‐term consolidated treatments.  

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