Mission & Goals


The Annual Country Study Program cultivates an interdisciplinary educational platform for campus wide critical exploration of a country through a variety of relevant activities and events to engage KSU students, faculty, and community, and enhance awareness, interest, and understanding of the world.

Specific Program Goals Include:

  • Expand participants' cultural knowledge and intercultural skills.
  • Advance KSU's globally-focused curriculum, intercultural expertise, and international partnerships and research collaborations.
  • Support and empower faculty to integrate country specific material as well as education abroad and local intercultural experiences into their curriculum through connections with the local community and partners abroad.
  • Strengthen student engagement in global learning and help prepare students to enter the global society as responsible citizens.
  • Break down stereotypes and connect across cultures by providing participants with a rich, complex sense of place, identity and community (both locally and globally).

Components of the Year of Program Include:

  • Extensive involvement of local and international community partners, including university partners, consular officials, business leaders, and expatriates
  • Guest lectures featuring national and international experts from various fields/professions (arts, business, education, engineering, health, humanities, science, etc)
  • A film series featuring films both from and about the country or region of study
  • Featured Theatre, Music and Dance Performances, Art Exhibits, and Culinary Demonstrations
  • Hosting visiting exchange faculty and students, including special residencies for artists, chefs and other specialists
  • Special courses as well as faculty and student learning communities and seminars abroad
  • An International Academic Conference hosted on the KSU campus
  • A Special Issue of the Journal of Global Initiatives