Exhibits & Performances

One of the best ways to truly learn about another culture’s perspective is to study its art. Throughout the Year of Arabian Peninsula, a variety of art exhibits will be on display around campus. These exhibits tell the unique stories of artists with vastly different backgrounds, but who are all united by the Arab experience.

Event 6

Year of the Arabian Peninsula Film Festival

Each film explores a different facet of life in the region, and provides the perfect opportunity to learn about global culture while experiencing world-class cinema. Guest speakers will also be on-hand after the films to help put them in a broader cultural context. Learn about the Arabian Peninsula through its cinema.

Event 5

Oud Hobbyists Group and Al Najoom Dance Troupe

These performances, part of the Women of Oman International Conference, feature traditional Omani music. The Oud is a traditional Arab lute, which has long been a source of pride for kings, princes, and poets. Al Najoom performs traditional Omani music with a trademark energy that makes every performance special.

Event 4

Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence: Oman's Message of Islam

Religious freedom is a core value for the people of Oman. This exhibit features 24 displays of text and graphics revealing how people of all religious faiths are free to actively participate in modern Omani society.

Event 3

The Many Faces of the Hijab

Learn about the significance of the Muslim hijab, or head scarf. Female guests were invited to participate in Hijab for a Day, which asked them to wear a hijab for 24 hours in order to gain insight into another culture.

Event 2

KSU Arabic Festival

Come experience all that the Arabian Peninsula has to offer! This festival, organized in partnership with Alif Institute, features traditional music and dance, henna hand painting, fashion, food, and more!

Event 1

Patriots and Peacemakers: Arab-Americans in Service to Our Country