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Fall 2007

August 23 – “Why the Atlantic World?” Panel discussion: William E. Allen, Alan Lebaron, Jesse Benjamin, Jessica Stephenson, Robert Simon, Eva Thompson and Akanmu Adebayo

August 30 - “Coastal Places and Watery Spaces: Geography of the Atlantic World,” Harold R. Trendell, Associate Professor of Geography & Social Science Education, KSU

September 6 – "Myths, Deities and the Spiritual Realm in Ifa Art," Sandra Bird, Associate Professor of Art Education, KSU and Jessica Stephenson, Curator of African Art, Carlos Museum, Emory University

September 13 - "The Floating Dungeon: A History of the Slave Ship," Marcus Rediker, Professor of History, University of Pittsburgh

September 18 - “Europe’s Ascendancy through the Americas and the Consequences for Native Americans,” Alan LeBaron, Professor of History, KSU

September 20 – "Transatlantic Warrior: The Dutch West India Company in Brazil, Africa, and the Caribbean," Wim Klooster, Associate Professor of History, Clark University

September 27 - "The Rise and Fall of the African Slave Trade: New Perspectives for Europe, Africa and the Americas," David Eltis, Professor of History, Emory University

October 4 – "Environmental History of the Atlantic World,” Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Prince of Asturias Professor, Tufts University and Professorial Fellow of Queen Mary, University of London

October 9 - "Women Writers and the Atlantic World," Eva Thompson, Associate Professor of English and Sarah Robbins, Professor of English, KSU

October 11 – "The Legacy of Spain in Georgia: Historical Records and Archaeological Traces,” Dennis Blanton, Curator of Native American Archeology, Fernbank

October 25 – “Problematizing the application of the term, 'African Diaspora' in Belize," Joseph Iyo, Professor of History, University of Belize

November 1 – “From African-American to Americo-Liberian: Shedding and Creating Identities in the Atlantic World in the 1800s,” William E. Allen, Assistant Professor of History, KSU

November 15 - “Black Atlantic Identities and Reverse Migrations,” Nemata Blyden, Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, George Washington University

November 29 – “The Lusophone Trans-Atlantic Matrix: Interconnections Between Portugal, Brazil, and Portuguese-Speaking Africa,” Fernando Arenas, Associate Professor of Portuguese, University of Minnesota