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Lecture Schedule
Fall 2007

All lectures will be held at 6:30 pm in the Social Sciences Building Room 1019
unless otherwise noted

August 23“Why the Atlantic World?” Panel discussion: William E. Allen, Alan Lebaron, Jesse Benjamin, Jessica Stephenson, Robert Simon, Eva Thompson and Akanmu Adebayo | Audio

August 28“AfroCuba: Contemporary Artists See History,” Dr. Judith Bettelheim, Curator and Professor of Art History, San Francisco State University

August 29 - October 24: AfroCuba: Works on Paper, 1968-2003,” organized by San Francisco State University Art Gallery and curated by Judith Bettelheim, Sturgis Library Gallery

August 30 - “Coastal Places and Watery Spaces: Geography of the Atlantic World,”
Harold R. Trendell, Associate Professor of Geography & Social Science Education, KSU | Audio

September 6"Myths, Deities and the Spiritual Realm in Ifa Art," Sandra Bird, Associate Professor of Art Education, KSU and Jessica Stephenson, Curator of African Art, Carlos Museum, Emory University | Audio

September 13 - "The Floating Dungeon: A History of the Slave Ship," Marcus Rediker, Professor of History, University of Pittsburgh | Audio

September 18 - “Europe’s Ascendancy through the Americas and the Consequences for Native Americans,” Alan LeBaron, Professor of History, KSU | Audio

September 20"Transatlantic Warrior: The Dutch West India Company in Brazil, Africa, and the Caribbean," Wim Klooster, Associate Professor of History, Clark University | Audio

September 27 - "The Rise and Fall of the African Slave Trade: New Perspectives for Europe, Africa and the Americas," David Eltis, Professor of History, Emory University | Audio

October 4"Environmental History of the Atlantic World,” Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Prince of Asturias Professor, Tufts University and Professorial Fellow of Queen Mary, University of London | Audio

October 9 - "Women Writers and the Atlantic World," Eva Thompson, Associate Professor of English and Sarah Robbins, Professor of English, KSU | Audio

October 10 – Year of Atlantic World Day: A celebration of Atlantic World Cultures featuring art, music, dance and food from the region. Gazebo, 12:30 pm.

October 11"The Legacy of Spain in Georgia: Historical Records and Archaeological Traces,” Dennis Blanton, Curator of Native American Archeology, Fernbank | Audio

October 18 - "Kongo Carolina, Kongo Georgia, Kongo New Orleans: Classical Black Atlantic Tradition," Robert Farris Thompson, Professor of the History of Art, Yale University

October 25“Problematizing the application of the term, 'African Diaspora' in Belize,"
Joseph Iyo, Professor of History, University of Belize | Audio

November 1“From African-American to Americo-Liberian: Shedding and Creating Identities in the Atlantic World in the 1800s,” William E. Allen, Assistant Professor of History, KSU | Audio

November 6-9“Globalization: Migration, Citizenship and Identity” Joint Conference with University of Ibadan, Nigeria http://www.kennesaw.edu/globalinstitute/globalizationconf.html

November 15 - “Black Atlantic Identities and Reverse Migrations,” Nemata Blyden, Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, George Washington University | Audio

November 29“The Lusophone Trans-Atlantic Matrix: Interconnections Between Portugal, Brazil, and Portuguese-Speaking Africa,” Fernando Arenas, Associate Professor of Portuguese, University of Minnesota | Audio