Through Kennesaw State University’s Year of Cuba (YoC), students will have the opportunity to visit Cuba, experience its diverse cultural influences, and learn first-hand about what makes the country and its people unique. Examining themes related to the economy, tourism, historic preservation, journalism, human rights, community development, sustainability, Santeria, cinema, ballet, and many other topics, the program brings an awareness of and appreciation for Cuba directly to the campus community through numerous events and special coursework. As part of this effort, students enrolled in a senior level Graphic Arts course designed our YoC logo (pictured right) that represents Cuba’s national pride. The design incorporates Cuba’s national bird, the Cuban Trogon, whose colors match the Cuban flag: red, white, and blue, and builds on this concept by including another element of the flag, the single star.

Throughout the academic year, Year of Cuba programs will bring people together to discuss and experience distinct features of the country’s society and culture, including popular aspects such as music and dance. In this regard, we will host a performance by Brenda Navarrete in conjunction with our conference focused on the theme of “Transformation and Continuity in Cuba.” We sincerely hope that students, faculty, staff and the local community will take full advantage of the many opportunities provided to learn about and appreciate Cuba’s richness and complexity.

YoC Logo