Supplemental Funding Request

Maximum Award Amount: $750

A limited amount of funding is available from DGA for Year of Cuba projects that serve to strengthen the existing program as developed through the earlier College Spotlight competitive process.

Proposal requests must demonstrate cost-sharing and student involvement. Proposals with clear connections to courses through integration within the curriculum are highly encouraged.

Complete proposals must include:

  • Program Description/topics to be addressed
  • Dates and times listing class visits/presentations
  • Educational goals & projected outcomes/impact
  • Project Budget including co-sponsorships/cost-sharing (minimum 50% cost-sharing required)

Upon receipt of complete proposals, the Annual Country Study Program Faculty Advisory Board and Coordinator will review and make recommendations to the Chief International Officer.

Requests will be accepted on a rolling basis with a deadline of September 1, 2019 for fall semester programs and January 15, 2020 for spring semester programs. Please submit requests to Dan Paracka via email at Applicants may also contact Dr. Paracka for additional information or any questions.