Year of India Conference 2018

 Kennesaw State University hosts Envisioning the Future and Understanding the Realities of India’s Urban Ecologies. The primary focus of the conference is Sustainability in India’s rapidly developing urban areas.


Conference DatesConference

Thursday, March 15 - 17, 2018


Hosted by:

Kennesaw State University in partnership with Georgia State University 

  • India, a land of ancient wisdom and cultural world heritage, is home to the world’s first
    cities. In the last twenty years it has experienced unprecedented growth, development, and change, altering its physical, cultural, and social landscape with dramatic effect. Today, its cities embody a paradoxical mix of globalization, modernity, and advanced technology with regionalism, tradition, and religion, juxtaposed with extreme poverty and

    Sustainability, in all its facets has emerged as a key problem in India’s development story. Urbanization is not an independent variable of development, but an integral part and product of the development process itself. Therefore, there is a need to understand urban issues as part of a larger development process affecting both rural and urban communities and livelihoods, employing historical and contemporary perspectives (with regional and global implications).

    Building off research in the fields of Sociology, Biology, and Architecture, the conference will examine contemporary urban growth in India and its effects on the everyday ecologies of its people. Our goal is a more holistic understanding of India’s urban ecologies, their interdependence, and the need for more sustainable strategies for urbanization. India’s cities can provide applicable lessons to the more global concerns of urbanization around the world.