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The aim of the Country Study program is, over the course of a full academic year, to take a wide-ranging look at a specific country or region under study from its earliest history right up to current events. It is our belief that in order to understand and appreciate other countries and cultures, one needs to employ a broad lens and engage the "other" on a myriad of levels. The program allows faculty and student participants, and community guests to break down stereotypes and connect across cultures. The Year of Country Study program uses a multidisciplinary approach in order to provide our audiences with a richer, more complex sense of place and community.

Academic Programs:
Each academic year the program focuses a series of lectures, performances, exhibits and films on a specific country or world region. These public programs are linked to credit-earning special topics courses. In addition, working with the General Education Council, the program offers a grants program to encourage general education faculty to produce discipline-based modules on the country under study, use them in their own classes, and disseminate them among colleagues. In this way, new instructional units are infused throughout our general education curriculum.

Community Involvement:
All events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted in the schedule. Attendance at the Year of Country Study program averages over 1,500 per year. The program provides valuable networking opportunities between KSU and the international communities of North Georgia. Each year the advisory committee for the program establishes a valuable working relationship with consular officials, business leaders, and expatriates from the country under study. We also work with local school districts to provide professional development opportunities and staff development units to area teachers.