Faculty-Student Research Teams

The Division of Global Affairs is pleased to announce the Year of Faculty-Student Research Program. The Annual Country Study Program (AYCS) invites applications for faculty-student teams to conduct research for the 2021-2022 Year of Greece. The goal of the program is to encourage faculty and student research collaborations centered around the AYCS, increasing research opportunities for students and campus internationalization.  

The Annual Country Study Program (AYCS) is an award-winning, university-wide educational activity that supports KSU’s strategic initiative towards students’ purposeful journeys and transformational learning, building an inclusive culture, impacting community, and achieving institutional excellence. Annually, it results in new courses and curriculum, research projects, education abroad programs, and global partnerships. 

Nature and Scope of Projects

Projects should attempt to understand an aspect of Greece (Greek economy, culture, literature, theatre, history, healthcare, sports, etc.). Faculty may propose projects for existing research, new research, or research that arises from classroom projects. The projects should be focused so that faculty-student teams can complete a majority of the research during the fall semester in order to present their findings at the Year of Greece Symposium during the Spring Semester.

Research teams will also be encouraged to submit their findings to the Year of Greece Special Edition of the Journal of Global Initiatives. 

Research Proposals

Each proposal should include a general description of the project, a short methodology, and timeline. Proposals should be no longer than 3 single-spaced pages. 

Faculty and Student Eligibility

  • Full-time faculty members who have the time to devote to a research project and are interested in providing mentorship to students.
  • Faculty may designate up to two students in their proposals, or they can choose the students once they have been given the award. Faculty are encouraged work with students who are motivated and express and interest in enhancing their research skills.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students recommended. (Undergraduate students strongly encouraged.)
  • Students with little to moderate research experience preferred.

Project Selections

Reviewers will look for three items: 

  1. Project’s relationship to Greece.
  2. Executability of the research. 
  3. Opportunity for a high level of collaboration and mentorship between faculty and student.

TWO proposals will be selected and awarded for the Year of Greece.

Submission Deadline

Research proposals are due May 21, 2021.  Click here to complete the form to submit your proposal.

Funding Details: 

  • Each member of the Faculty-Student teams will receive $1300. 
  • Student Team members will receive $650 in the Fall and $650 in the Spring and are required to work a minimum of 6 hours per week on the project.
  • Faculty Team members funding can be used throughout the year for supplies/materials related to the project, books, professional development, etc.

For more information or questions about the Year of Faculty-Student Research Team, please contact Vivian Pascual at Vbonill1@kennesaw.edu.