Global Fellows

Five Global Fellows were selected to represent their respective colleges on the Year of Greece Planning Committee and provide leadership throughout program implementation. Each Global Fellow has developed an area of focus from the following categories: Research, Creative Activity, and Grant-Writing; Teaching and Virtual Exchange; Conference Organizing; and Education Abroad. Read more about the projects below. 

  • Research & Virtual Exchange – this project will explore the educational conditions and supports for students with disabilities in Greek public schooling. It will include data collection and dissemination, as well as a proposed virtual teaching exchange with a teacher preparation program in Greece. Results of the study will be submitted for presentation at the YoG Conference. Projected travel dates to Greece to support projects: (9/25/20 – 10/4/20). 

  • Research and YoG Conference Organizing - the proposed project has two foci:  1) contributing to planning and implementation of the YoG conference, which will focus on interdisciplinary approaches that engage the complexities of Greek culture and contributions to the world. 2) research on the preparation of middle grades mathematics teachers’ learning about the influence of Greek culture on mathematics and mathematical proof—ancient to modern.  The research will include preservice middle grades mathematics teachers’ dissemination of research during a poster session in spring20 and spring21, as well as a research article highlighting preservice middle grades mathematics teachers’ experiences learning about Greek influence on mathematical proof.

  • Education Abroad, Virtual Exchange and Grant-Writing - as preparation for and in conjunction with a Maymester Education Abroad program to Greece, KSU students will be teamed virtually with Greek students at the University of the Aegean on the island of Chios to work together on a variety of international business topics/projects. These projects may be shared/displayed as a poster session at the YoG conference. The project is applying for grant funding to bring a select number of Greek students to KSU and to help reduce costs for KSU students to travel to Greece. Funding will support/offset costs for travel to Greece as part of the Maymester 2021 education abroad program.
  • Research and Teaching - Research will be on “Urbanism on the Ionian coast of Greece” with a focus on the street network and urban blocks and their transformation over time. The study will address 15 or so towns and cities in the littoral stretching from Kalamata to Corfu. Research findings will be presented on-campus as part of the Year of Greece events and a paper submitted to KSU’s Journal of Global Initiatives special issue on Greece and/or other specialized venue. In Fall, I will align the World Cities Project of the course Urban Design and Planning Theory with the Year of Greece, so that all case studies that students analyze will be cities in Greece and Cyprus. Travel dates not yet determined.
  • Education Abroad and Research – Will offer Bioarcheology education abroad program in conjunction with Human Osteology Field School at Institute for the Study of Aegean Prehistory Study Center for East Crete (INSTAP-SCEC). The education abroad program will connect and overlap with on-going research on how warfare, social status, and cultural change can be read on the human skeleton and burial practices in Greece that I will present during the Year of Greece. Funding will support/offset costs for travel to Greece as part of a May/June 2021 education abroad program.