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Since 1984, Kennesaw State University has celebrated a different country or region of the world with award winning programming that includes cultural events, well-known scholars and public officials, study abroad programs, and dedicated classes.  Past countries and regions of the world have included the following:  Japan, Morocco, India, Russia, the Portuguese Speaking World, Arabian Peninsula, Ghana.    
We are fortunate to celebrate the Year of Greece during Greece’s Bicentennial Anniversary with a full program that draws upon the knowledge and expertise of faculty, staff, and students, as well as the large Greek-American community of Atlanta. Included among the year’s activities are:

  • The Grand Opening, which will be hosted by the student commons
  • Scholarly presentations by well-known Harvard Anthropologist Michael Herzfeld
  • The Greek War of Independence and Olympic Movement by the Director of the GSU Center for Hellenic Studies, Louis A. Ruprecht 
  • A discussion the impact of the Greek-American community on business and politics by a panel that includes well-known Greek-American CEOs, Directors of leading Greek-American Organization and Greece’s General Consul to Atlanta
  • A viewing of Greek mythological scenes in Opera
  • A student Speech Olympics
  • A Symposium
    Please feel free to contact Todd Harper at or by phone at 470-578-3619. Each of these events is open to the public and we invite all (faculty, students, staff, and the KSU Community) to attend.