Journal of Global Initiatives

Journal of Global InitiativesExamining Complex Relationships in the Portuguese Speaking World

The special issue of the Journal of Global Initiatives on the Portuguese Speaking World is available now!

The JGI is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal of international policy, pedagogy and perspectives, published twice-yearly by Kennesaw State University’s Division of Global Affairs.

We have solicited contributions from all disciplines related to every aspect of life and culture, past and present, in the Portuguese Speaking World. 

The Journal of Global Initiatives is available at no cost via digitalcommons. You can also purchase physical copies of the journal.



Included Papers

  • Introduction to the Special Issue: Examining Relationships in the Portuguese Speaking World
    Dan Paracka and Robert Simon

  • The Integrity of Women in Re-making a Nation: The Case of Guinea-Bissau
    Brandon Lundy, Raul Mendes Fernandes Jr., and Kezia Lartley

  • Macau's Trade with the Portuguese Speaking World
    Paul B. Spooner

  • Blending Myth and Reality: Maritime Portugal and Renaissance Portraits of the Royal Court
    Barbara von Barghahn

  • Vasco da Gama, the Explorer: Motivations and Myths
    S. Ghazanfar

  • The Portuguesinhos: Experiences of Return and Reintegration of Angolan Police Commissioned Officers Who Studied in Portugal
    Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues

  • A Lagoa do Cacimbo
    Heather Leila H. Jordan MPH

  • The Universality of Traditional Tales of the Portuguese Speaking Countries
    M.Margarida Pereira-Müller 177152

  • Critical Pedagogy and Language Acquisition: Benefiting from a country’s crisis to improve Second Language Instruction
    Jamile Forcelini