Event Schedule

A wide variety of events are scheduled for the academic year, spread across the fall and spring semesters. See the Fall and Spring Semester Event Schedules below:

Please Note: Lectures held in Social Science 1019 every Thursday from 12:30-2:00 pm unless otherwise noted.

You can also download the audio recordings of each of the "Year Of" program lectures by visiting our iTunes University Page.

Spring 2016 Schedule

Printable Calendar

  • January
  • 14th
    40 Years of Independence: Reflecting on the Political Philosophy of Amilcar Cabral and Eduardo Mondlane

    Raúl Fernandes, Fulbright Scholar, National Institute for Research Studies, Guinea Bissau
  • 21st
    National Identity, Political Transition, and Economic Change in Angola and Mozambique

    Anne Pitcher, Professor of African Studies and Political Science, University of Michigan
  • 21st
    CHSS Dean's Lecture Series: Language, Love, and A Nação: The Portuguese Language and Angolan National Identity through the Poetry of Agostinho Neto, Ana Paula Tavares, and Luís Kandjimbo

    Robert Simon, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Kennesaw State University (Time: 3:30 pm, Location: SO 5074)
  • 28th
    EthoCebus Project: Capuchin Monkeys in the Brazilian Cerrado

    Dorothy Fragaszy, Professor of Psychology, Director of Primate Behavior Laboratory, University of Georgia
  • February
  • 2nd
    Climate Change and Rethinking Amazonian Development

    Susanna Hecht, Professor of Urban Planning,UCLA
  • 11th
    International Conference: “Confluence and Divergence in the Portuguese Speaking World”

    Co-sponsored by the Georgia Afro-Brazilian Studies Consortium
    Carmichael Student Center Leadership Room
    8:30am - 7:45pm
  • 11th
    Portuguese Fado and Brazilian Choro

    Featuring: Fadista Catarina Avelar and Quarteto Viagem
    Bailey Performance Center, 8pm
  • 18th
    The Role of Macau in China’s Relationships with the Portuguese Speaking World

    Paul Spooner, Yale University Visiting Fellow in East Asian Studies, Macau University of Science & Technology
  • 25th
    Critical Pedagogy and Paolo Freire

    Peter Rorabaugh, Assistant Professor of Digital Writing and Media Arts, Kennesaw State University
  • March
  • 3rd
    Brazil’s Industrialization: Its Successes and Failures

    Werner Baer, Professor of Economics, University of Illinois
  • 10th
    Contemporary Literatures Panel

    “Brazilian Literature,” Lígia Bezerra, Assistant Professor of Portuguese, Spelman College and “Lusophone African literature,” Dr. Ana Catarina Teixeira, Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Emory University
  • 17th
    CDC/RPCV Panel on Health Issues along the Zambesi River

    Amy L. Boore, Associate Director for Science, CDC Mozambique, Elizabeth A. Downes, Associate Clinical Professor of Nursing, Emory University, and Heather Jordan, Field Operations Officer, Vanderbilt Institute of Global Health
  • 24th
    Recasting Transnationalism through Performance: Theatre Festivals in Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Brazil

    Christina S. McMahon, Associate Professor of Theatre, UC Santa Barbara
  • 31st
    Doing Business in Brazil Roundtable

    Facilitated by Dick Teters and Alvin Miles, Department of Management and Entrepreneurship
  • April
  • 14th
    Closing Reflections: Alternatives and Continuities in the Portuguese Past, Brazilian Present, and African Future

    Robert Simon, Ken Williamson and Brandon Lundy


Fall 2015 Schedule

Printable Calendar

  • August
  • 27th
    Trade Investment and Value Chain Development in the Portuguese Speaking World

    Opening address by Georgina Benrós de Mello, Director General of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP)
  • September
  • 3rd
    Portuguese Pirates, Jesuits and Middlemen in the South China Sea

    George Bryan Souza, University of Texas, San Antonio
  • 10th
    Blending Myth and Reality: Portraits of the Portuguese Royal Court

    Barbara von Barghahn, Professor of Art History, George Washington University
  • 17th
    Moorings: Camões and Portuguese Expansion

    Josiah Blackmore, Nancy Clark Smith Professor of the Language and Literature of Portugal, Harvard University
  • 24th
    Islands of Sexuality: Theories and Histories of Creolization in Cape Verde

    Isabel P. B. Fêo Rodrigues, Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • October
  • 1st
    Religious Syncretism in the Portuguese Atlantic

    Jane Landers, Professor of History, Vanderbilt University
  • 6th
    Year of the Portuguese Speaking World Day

    Featuring Capoeira, KSU Tellers, musical performances and food tasting. Carmichael Student Center University Rooms A-E
  • 8th
    The Economic Impact of Slavery in Brazil

    João Ricardo Faria, Professor of Public Administration, University of Texas at El Paso
  • 15th
    Cross-Cultural Exchange between Angola and Brazil during the Era of the Slave Trade

    Roquinaldo Ferreira, Vasco da Gama Associate Professor of History, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Brown University
  • 16th
    Todas as Direções

    Works for Brazilian 7-string guitar and string orchestra by Brazilian composer and guitarist "Felipe Coelho, Bailey Performance Center, 8 pm
  • 22nd
    Tropical Versailles: Empire, Monarchy and the Portuguese Royal Court in Brazil

    Kirsten Schultz, Associate Professor of History, Seton Hall University
  • 29th
    Gender and Women’s Studies Panel

    Featuring the following panel presentations:

    • Sex Tourism in Bahia, Ambiguous Entanglements by Erica Williams, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Spelman College;
    • Brazilian Women’s Filmmaking by Leslie Marsh, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Georgia State University; and
    • Intersectionality in the Lives of Black Women Activists in Salvador by Ken Williamson, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, KSU
  • November
  • 2nd-12th
    Diaspora Dictionary: Bahia, Brazil

    Photography exhibit featuring the work of Nneka Bennett, SO Atrium
  • 5th
    Brazil in the Creation of the World Coffee Economy

    Stephen Topik, Professor of History, University of California, Irvine
  • 12th
    Portuguese Speaking World Student Symposium

    Featuring PEGS/UNIFACS Brazilian Partnership Presentations. Co-sponsored by the Georgia Afro-Brazilian Studies Consortium. 8:30am - 6:30pm.
  • 18th
    Development Projects in Mozambique: Spanning the Colonial / Post-Colonial Divide

    Allen Isaacman, Regents Professor of History, University
    of Minnesota. Wednesday at 12:30 PM. SO 1021.